Man and Boy – 36 Years

Father and son duo “Man & Boy” have created a mastery of musical brilliance with their latest single ‘36 Years’. Taking their place in the music industry over lockdown, the Mancunium pair have certainly fashioned their own unique sound, sprouting from both 90’s style riffs to punchy millennial drums.

The first thing that strikes you about this track is the 90’s style influences that you can hear flooding through the melody. Mainly portrayed through the rock-infused guitar strikes, this throwback anthem certainly has the power to transport you back to a time where Oasis were still together, and corona was simply a joyous beverage. And if that’s not enough to cause a spell, then the grunge-eque vocals will certainly do the trick. Bellowing a sound made for Top of the Pops, your head will certainly be banging as the groovy tone evolves.

Although the throwback tendencies are most certainly prominent, there are still obvious hints of more modern ascendancies. And of course, they are delivered by 14-year-old Alfie. A boy with such raw and gritty drumming talents, he alone manages to drive the song back to normality and create an up-rearing beat that keeps ‘36 Years’ alive.

Likewise, with not a single moment of silence, you are never not amazed by the mellifluous massacre which is displayed in front of you.

‘36 Years’ is a robust reminder of past music loves and also present. And I think there will be a lot of people out there who would enjoy this tune. So have a listen, and see what you think.