Manchesters The Book Club Premiere Video for New Single ‘Pursuit of Happiness’

Off the back of their 2020 debut single ‘Flowers Grow’, The Book Club return with an energetic and uplifting indie pop-rock anthem in the form of ‘Pursuit of Happiness’. Fusing their signature ethereal, dreampop sound with soaring, melancholic melodies, euphoric layers of guitar and Em’s crystal-clear, mellow vocals, The Book Club have hit upon the indie sweet spot with some serious instant-classic potential. The duo’s relatable lyrics and refreshing approach to finding happiness is sure to resonate with pop fans and indie lovers alike, and The Book Club have hit upon a sound that is unequivocally their own.

Alongside the track, the pair release an accompanying video with retro, DIY-esque visuals that capture the essence of their bedroom-pop. sun-soaked sound with a playful vibe, showing that The Book Club don’t take themselves too seriously yet still demonstrates the duo’s unlimited creative potential.

Discussing the new single, The Book Club share: “‘Pursuit of Happiness’ is about learning to stop searching for that next hit of dopamine and instead utilise the people and opportunities around you to give you happiness. Pursuit of Happiness init.”

The Book Club consists of Jake Hilton and Emily ‘Em’ Price. Em, originally from Hertfordshire, is a classically-trained singer who has her start in music at The Purcell School before enrolling in a creative music technology course at The University of The West of England. Jake, from Buckinghamshire, has always had a strong love for music and first picked up the guitar at the age of four. He is currently a Music Production student at BIMM Manchester.

The pair were introduced at a National Youth Music Camp in Milton Keynes as early teenagers and came together to form The Book Club in late 2019. Creating a sound that includes elements of dreampop, indie rock and alt-pop, the duo have spent the past year honing their sound and have now reached a point where they are ready to share their craft with the world. Expect some ‘filthy bangers’ and euphoric, ethereal soundscapes from this dynamic duo.