MARBL – Never Get Out

The luscious tones of Tel Aviv singer MARBL rise and sway effervescently in this brand new single. Bringing together her mix of folk and pop and then stripping it down to the bare bones, what we are left with in Never Get Out is a sound which is equally as haunting as it is beautiful.

Carried along almost solely by her harmonious elegance, the acoustic splendor of this track really is something to behold. It’s a track that never gets too high or too low, but instead drifts along as you get lost in its soothing rhythms, and before long it’s time to hit repeat… again. The more chilling elements in this track, namely the sombre instrumentals which her words sit atop, give it a distinctively eerie feel, but the undeniable sweetness which she carries in her voice lifts any drab feelings skyward.

Never Get Out is the best advert for beauty in simplicity one could hope for. The humming of the organ and soft plucks of acoustic guitar blend into each other effortlessly to create a cloud of peacefulness above which her voice can soar, and its sores infinitely. She is most certainly one to watch for the big stage in the near future, and deserves every credit that will come her way, of which there will undoubtedly be many.