Marc Culley – See Feel Love

Singer-songwriter Marc Culley returns with his latest release in five years – ‘See Feel Love’. After his debut ‘Babylon’ back in 2016, the Aberdonian artist has been busy gigging, writing and recording new material – the newest being a resonating love track filled with honeyed words and a sweet sound.

Opening with a lilting electric guitar, the beat of steady gated-drums kick in, complete with a jangle pop riff – a vibe of that familiar 80s indie-revival so popular right now. The vocals are an interesting contrast to this – with more of a 90s/00s attitude. Think along the lines of Gallagher or Ashcroft perhaps. There’s a beautifully smooth echoey quality to the vox as Culley sings of missing someone. Maybe a former lover or an old relationship – but desperately wanting to reconnect with that person and the impact they had on his life.

“I keep making the same mistakes / I could use a friendly face”

Nostalgic and longing with lines like “It’s only been a year” signalling that so much has changed in such a short space of time – which after this mad year we’ve all had could strike a chord with many people.

It’s not over-complicated or fussy – ‘See Feel Love’ is a simple yet sentimental track encompassing that all too human emotion. It’s pretty damn pleasing to the ear too.Oasis-flavoured indie-rock vocals, a breezy Blossoms-kissed beat and an exquisite return from Marc Culley.