March – Simply

Behold! An artist that obviously knows when it’s best to release a single! Singer-songwriter Kitty O’Neal aka the mind behind project March releases new single ‘Simply‘… in March. Genius. Already receiving praise from BBC Radio 6, Fresh on the Net, Folk Radio UK and beyond, to simply put it, March’s new release is angelic.

Original and refuses to be limited to one avenue, March’s latest release is alternative and folk-pop infused. Armed with a chord progression that will linger in your mind for days, this track isn’t your typical folk number. Complex in places and equipped with moments of solitude within its arrangement, the track’s message is emotive.

Telling the story about doing everything you possibly can to help someone you love, the track details how a person should always love themselves first before they can love someone else. Whilst the track’s subject is emotive and in places fragile, ‘Simply‘ comes across as strong and able to reassure listeners with its caring nature.

Destined to make March an overnight success, this note-perfect track is utterly mesmerising. One of the most beautiful tracks to have been released in 2021, ‘Simply’ showcases how powerful Kitty’s vocal range truly is.