Marstone – Deception EP

I’m not sure if this was an EP or a time machine because upon pressing play, I was thrown back into the gritty grunge that the 90’s is so well-remembered for… and I love it! 

Solihull’s Marstone are a three-piece band mixing together raw vocals, punchy and ferocious guitars and slamming drums to create fat and in-your-face rock tracks. Their EP ‘Deception’ somehow manages to bring forth an old and dusty sound and give it purpose in 2020.  

Opening track, Deceptive Fix, has crunching power chords and a heavy bass taking hold of the verse that remind me of classic Offspring and early Stereophonics, especially the vocal performance from front-man Paul Petrov. It captures a forgotten pop-punk sound with memorable chorus-styles and cheeky lead solos. It’s a fiery start with drumming that doesn’t let up and gives you an idea of what you’re in for.  

Mr Block is a fast and riff-heavy track that introduces that classic vocal and bass combination seen in a lot of Nirvana-esc grunge acts and I can tell that band has been a big influence on this EP with its song structure and sound. Crazy Driver is a big example of that, it just screams ‘Bleach’, but has a more refined and modern audio production.  

The closing track ‘Flying Sapiens’ has grittier vocals than the rest of the album and a heavier bass feel. It reminds me of Stone Temple Pilots with a darker touch. We have a triumphant solo finish that leads into a crunchy breakdown and leaves me wanting more.   

An explosive effort, with great grunge instrumentation and lyrical focus on life’s struggles. If you’ve been wanting your grunge fill then look no further.