Marstone – End Game

Exploring an array of experimental techniques and genres, Marstone’s latest single ‘End Game’ is the first of four tracks being released by the band in the latter end of this year.

Arranging countermelodic riffs in its intro, ‘End Game’ features an up-tempo distorted guitar melody played over a smoother, trebly bass line in a jolty, math-rock style fashion. A descending riff of harmonised strings moves the music away from the introduction and neat drumbeats provide the tracks rhythmic backbone.

Moving into the verse, the vocals have a raw tonality around them, with certain phrasings performed similarly to that of Placebo’s Brian Molko. Despite each instrument playing contradictory melodies from one another, the mosaic of contrasting riffs work seriously well with one another, providing the music with a range of unique compositions without overloading the verse’s content. The organised chaos of the music creates an exciting air of anticipation by offering you a different sound with each listen.

The contrasting influence of genre proves an interesting listen too- there’s elements of grunge, garage rock and funk withing the lines of ‘End Game’. Throughout the verse, a funky bass riff pulls the rhythm section out of safe predictability, contrasting with, but not clashing with the grittier style of the overdriven track. The vocal lines in the lead up to the chorus follow an aesthetic melody and utilise backing vocals really well, using them at just the right time to lift up certain phrasings in the singers voice. Also adhering to unpredictability, the guitar solo features a jarring riff and rhythmic syncopation before fully immersing into the section.

‘End Game’ is a great example of how genre and influence can work well together when comprised of the right components and in the right manner. Marstone have made experimental composition look effortless by offering a pleasing, commercial sound that also has substance buried well within its surface.

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