Martyrials: Entertainment 4 Sale

Bristol-based band Martyrials [marr-teer-eels] bring five minutes of merciless creativity in the form of their new single, “Entertainment 4 Sale”. The band consists 

“The track was written after reading about and seeing first-hand the bizarre and often disturbing results kicked out by the YouTube ‘kids’ algorithm,” the band say, in regards to the inspiration they drew for the song. “It’s also a kind of dystopian prophecy and concept song about these kids raised on this algorithmically created content, becoming the content generators and consumers of the future and only wanting to have algorithmically generated material.” It’s an inventive idea nonetheless, despite the fact that I feel like personally, I would struggle to make any prominent link between this, and the actual track. 

In Entertainment 4 Sale (and others), the band offer an eclectic mixture of punk, glam and psychedelic sounds. They have effectively shunned the traditional foundations of bass, guitar and drums, replacing this with a heavy focus on the sax and keyboard, with their unique, digitalised sound owing to their stand-offish instrumentation, and the willingness to divert from these norms should be acknowledged and appreciated.

It’s almost as if the track takes the listener on a journey; beginning by sucking the listener into saxophone-heavy, psych-inspired abyss, and ending by drawing them out of this with their mercilessly-propelling, punky riffs.

Despite not feeling any connection so to speak, to this track, I can see why fans of the likes of The Stranglers would probably have an affinity for it. I just don’t understand the elaborate explanation which accompanies the bleak, op-art oriented video and disjointed instrumentation; to me, it seems like a digitalised, fragmented plethora of different sounds which admittedly, for me, did not mesh well. Perhaps more radically eclectic musicians would enjoy this track.