Marvin’s Revenge : Bad Things Come in Threes

Marvin’s Revenge Double-A side offering is just that. Two Class A, DIY, balls-to-the-wall tracks for the price of one. Apparently ‘Bad Things Come in Threes’… off the back of this I thoroughly doubt it.

Are you looking for some clean-cut, high-end production, glossy summery indie goodness? If you are, Marvin’s Revenge would like to show you two fingers before convincing you that you’re looking for the wrong thing. Instead, how’s about you take a dive into the whirling, swirling, shouting world that it theirs? Off the back of this release, I think you should consider their proposition. 

Opening track ‘liwii’ reminds me oh so much of early False Heads; viscous vocals spat with angst, raucous guitars and a pummelling backline that all sounds like it was recorded in a bin. Not many bands can take a DIY approach to their production and make it their own, yet Marvin’s Revenge manage to make the most of very little, almost as if the chaos is somehow amplified because of it. 

My stand-out track of the two, however, is ‘Anything’. Where ‘liwii’ was a drag race into a brick wall, full of fire and explosions, ‘Anything’ is a more nuanced approach that still encapsulates the endgame it seems Marvin’s Revenge are looking for. It has a groove that weirdly reminds me of the new Slipknot track ‘Birth of the Cruel’ – not in the sense that they sound anything alike, but in the approach that takes brutal, foot to the floor music and twists it ever so slightly so that it sits with you and guides you through the song. These two tracks are a big statement from a band who say ‘they’re from the middle of nowhere’; hopefully they find themselves near somewhere near you soon.