Matilda Eyre and PALMR – Water

Teaming up with producer PALMR, Matilda Eyre releases her latest alt-pop single ‘Water’.

Modestly introducing itself with soft vocals and smooth piano chords, ’Water’ cements its melancholic atmosphere from the off. Following its introduction, the track subtly starts to intertwine its electronic elements alongside the vocal/piano accompaniment through luscious sweeping pads and synthesised adlibs, gracefully developing into a dark soundscape of alt-pop. ‘Water’s sound definitely travels on an incline, with individual electronic layers growing in complexity and substance, eerily encapsulating the lonesome spirit of the night. The dark edged ambience has a sombre yet cosy feel to it, letting you sit with your emotions as the music cushions itself around you.

Though the tracks instrumental direction sways between alt-pop and synthpop, the productions aesthetic is very similar to the glossy ambience of Synthwave. The assortment of sly melodies and varying tones create a vibrant collage to delve into- it’s the kind of song that conjures new sounds with each listen.

Gliding above the overlapping synths, Matilda Eyre’s vocals hold a soft, breathy tone that flow seamlessly amongst the track. Explaining the lyrical content Eyre reveals, “Water’ is about stepping into your truth, your strength and finally going for everything that is important to you. It’s finally leaving all the heaviness behind and being free to run towards your goals. The song is wrapped in a delicate story about losing someone close to you in the beginning of the journey.” (Matilda Eyre).

Incorporating melodies through humming as well as singing, Matilda Eyre adds hints of ASMR-style tones into the music. Through adding alternative elements and creamy vocal harmonies in the chorus, the contrast in vocal texture suitably finds its place in the tracks style of contradicting sounds shining from each component.  

The alluring nature of ‘Water’ emits a bewitching streak of creativity and emotion, undoubtedly seeing Matilda Eyre and PALMR form a distinctive dream team securing their place in the alt-pop genre.