Matilda Eyre – Let Me Be.

German born, London based, singer-songwriter Matilda Eyre has recently released her deeply revealing, new single ‘Let me Be.’ ‘Let me Be’, follows on from the release of Matilda Eyre’s previous single, ‘Water’, a gorgeous piece of pop mixed with electronica. Now, she returns with a new offering, an emotionally revealing, alternative number.

‘Let It Be’ is beautiful and delicate, Matilda’s light, ethereal vocals merge with strong guitar riffs and deeply emotive lyrics that are destined to get listeners thinking. Matilda Eyre excels with her lyricism, ‘Let Me Be’ is a glimpse into her personal thoughts and her feelings which she uses to create this stunning track. ‘Let me Be’ is a track that many will be able to relate to, written about self-love and how people change themselves to be accepted.

Throughout lockdown, Matilda was determined to make the most of her free time, creating music on a daily basis. Matilda Eyre wrote small songs through quarantine, alongside mini music videos or animations to accompany them. They were then used on Matilda’s YouTube channel, in her #The100DayProject, which saw her gain a loyal following of fans.

Isolation was a turning point for Matilda, not only as a musician but also as a human being, coining the time as her ‘returning home to herself / reclaiming my strength and power.’ The inability to put on shows because of the pandemic, in hand with the freedom to create music without deadlines, expectations and outside influences allowed Matilda Eyre to create new, authentic material, including ‘Let Me Be’.

Matilda’s eery vocals on ‘Let me Be’, are destined to captivate listeners. Her lyrics are honest, revealing her personal thoughts to the public in a way which feels almost personal. ‘Let me Be’, is just a glimpse of what is to come from Matilda, 2021 will see her go from strength to strength, her creativity never falters.