Matilda Shakes – Riding the Lightning

Riding the Lightning takes a rough and tumble garage approach to give a wake-up slap to anyone listening. 

With a heavy focus on that DIY distortion and a feeling like the music itself is taped together and could fall down at any second like a house of cards. The chugging riffs and distorted chords make for a fun throwback style of music, living up to the title of Riding the Lightning. 

Immediately from the off the listener is met with an all these low-strung notes, that feel like they’re being projected straight from the golden age of rock’n’roll. Coupled with drums that crash and pound with reckless abandon, again giving that falling apart feel that some great DIY or garage-style can be so reminiscent of. Along with some excellent vocals that, despite a similar filter placed in to make them fit in line with the music itself, go hand in hand with everything already at play. 

Whilst the lyrics themselves aren’t anything that will be having a long-lasting impact, they are fun and fit thematically with the track like the last piece of a puzzle. They’re tongue in cheek, generic enough to fill out the gaps that would otherwise be left by a lack of any vocal performance. 
Never once does Riding the Lightning stray away from the fundamentals of what it is, it’s fast, it’s old school, and it’s a little punk considering its fast pace and sub-three-minute runtime. It’s cemented itself as an excellent round the clock rocker.