MATTE! – Aurora

Electronic music producer MATTE! Is a talented producer whose minimalist music is designed to relax just as much as it is designed to entertain you. His latest single ‘Aurora’ uses lo-fi beats to give it a chill house feel, it’s the kind of song that you can just put on in the background and have its vibes massage you into calmness while you go about your day.

MATTE! Sets the mood with an intricate piano melody that seems to echo around the soundscape and then he uses atmospheric synth to fill out the song. Once the lo-fi house beat comes in the song is pretty much rolling as it goes through the motions throwing in rhythms and sounds throughout the song.

For the most part, the song is great to have on in the background and let yourself relax without any intrusions, the beat is mellow and the synth provides a wave of sound keeps you in that state. The other elements are cool enough to keep the vibes going but tame enough to not distract you.

All apart from the vocal ‘OOO’s that come in. While layer in a jittered fashion it is an interesting sound and quite funky but, in this setting, it takes you out of the relaxed state.

‘Aurora’ is a very well put together song that shows the production talent of MATTE! With just a couple glitches, however as he puts out more music, we will see bigger and better things I am sure.