Matthew Holland – LOVE

Now bringing his delectable gravelly voice and anthemic songwriting to his own project. Matthew Holland (All The Kings Men) brings us his latest release. With a very summery good vibes type of energy to it, ‘LOVE’ gives me all the feels of being in a crowd at a music festival on a hot summer afternoon surrounded by the happiest crowd of music loving free spirits high on life (and other things probably).

With images of people on shoulders swaying along and singing the words back to the stage popping in my head within the first listen. This song makes me very happy and sad at the same time. Happy because it’s very catchy and has lyrics that are destined to be sang out loud in such circumstances, and sad because well festivals are the highlights of my summer and 2020 sucks arse currently. This is a perfect song for such an event and will be a crowd-pleaser.

The music in ‘LOVE’ has a very joyous psychedelic Beatles feel to it and with Hollands poetic lyrics the song is very easy on the ears. With a backing band in the form of Ben Robinson (drums), Tino Caine (bass) and Andrew Smith (percussions and backing vocals) the talent is felt from the very first listen. These guys know how to read each other and make incredible music.

The single is beautifully produced and is in my opinion timeless. With a melody that you want to bounce around too, and colourful harmonies that present the perfect singsong chorus. “Love, Love shines on everyone”. It’s a very feel good tune and will be getting added to my festival feels playlist when its released. Hopefully i’ll be in a field slightly intoxicated next year holding a warm cider loving life and singing the song back to the stage and the fantastic talent of Mathew Holland et al.