Matthew Joseph – Fetish

North Wales based singer-songwriter Matthew Joseph is a striking icon in the music and fashion industry. A cutting-edge artist who’s here to empower listeners and entertain? What else do you want? Committed to the LGBT community, individuality and feminism, Matthew’s music highlights honest and lives in an upbeat presence.

Mixing influences into a colourful beverage, Matthew’s engaging charisma will leave you wanting to hear more. Pounding electronic pop that will dig straight into your soul ‘Fetish’ is the explosive new single from Matthew.

The pop anthem is an attack on people who coldly fetishise racial, ethnic, gender and sexual minorities. Performing against a backdrop of influences, the synthesisers sit comfortable and gain control on the track. Emotive and tense, the lyric ‘stop using me as your fantasy’ highlights Matthew feeling tortured in this sinister tale. Using a memorable hook line in the chorus, ‘Fetish’ feels like it could have been more modernised for today’s mainstream music.

There’s something very noughties about the single that makes it feel somewhat nostalgic. One thing I’d say to Matthew to keep it slightly more refreshing is give the synthesisers a more modernised sound to their tone. Saying that, the catchy number will still leave a mark on your heart. Showcasing only one of the strings to his career, Matthew is a fierce individual that highlights positivity in the fashion and dance industry too. 

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