Mauritia – Better Together

The way that better together starts out is a little surprising but immediately fills the atmosphere with a candy floss funkiness. Without a build-up, it’s a little jarring having everything coming at you at once. With a squealing guitar and jazzy bass that’s licks are smooth as butter. 

There’s a lot of mixups in the way the track evolves across its runtime, with time changes and a false end its a joy to see Mauritia put together all these little tricks together around the initial guitar chords. Everything is focused around the same core beat, jumping all over the place from there. 

The continual evolution keeps the listener engaged and makes it hard to predict what will happen next. Giving a very rollercoaster style of delivery right the way through. 

Every little aspect seems to shine through, from the aforementioned jamming bass to the echoing scream of the rhythm guitar fading into the background. There’s a great use of the sound spectrum in that there’s the two extremes of the low bass and the highs of the guitar. Very little of the musics components sit in between the two, giving a very distinct sound. 

The idea of a very bubblegum pop indie rock track may be a little off-putting to some but Mauritia makes it work for them in a funky, upbeat track that bops like there’s no tomorrow. It’s as feel good as music can get, and there’s not much else you can ask for from this fantastically fun single.