MAUVE – Branches

Hailing from London and Cambridge, MAUVE are a fuzz alt-pop meets rock trio. Back with their latest release of the year, ‘Branches‘ is taken from their recently released EP of the same name.

Written and recorded during the lockdown by sending voice notes, drum beats and iPhone recordings back and forth, you could say the release has grown into something quite special. Working alongside producer Dan J Lambert, ‘Branches’ is another positive that came out of this awful year.

In ‘Branches’, you can hear the desperation and frustration that not only MAUVE are feeling but the rest of the world are too. About the ‘ecological’ grief and built up annoyance to the world of social media and society in general, the message behind ‘Branches‘ is highly relatable, now more than ever.

A highly energetic release that flows evenly through alternative rock, punk rock and indie rock, this is one band that needs to be on your list to watch live when it’s safe to do so. With the overall subject of the EP summarising 2020 in general for musicians everywhere, ‘Branches’ not only speaks lyrically but visually.