Max Romer – Drive Me Crazy feat. Julia Faulks

In his latest single ‘Drive Me Crazy’, Max Romer brings his experience of producing electronic music and teams up with singer-songwriter Julia Faulks, who makes her debut, to make a funky and catchy piece of electronic music.

The main digital rhythm running the song is a real earworm. It has an old school video game style; it wouldn’t feel out of place in mega man or sonic.

It goes well with the catchy beat and fast tempo. The beat is really funky and you’ll find yourself getting into it without realising, just what you want with any dance track.

As far as debuts go, Julia Faulks, has done well. Her vocals have a soft trance like vibe to them which allowed the listener to experience both the funky music but embrace her singing.

The lyrics on the other hand were average but for a debut that is not a bad thing especially as the song really shows her talent as singer.

Drive Me Crazy’ is a good mix of experience and newness, it allows new ideas while also being productive at a high standard. With a second single being worked on by them both it will be interesting to see if they carry on the moment from ‘Drive Me Crazy’.