Maxwell-Thomas – Daisuki Baby

Chicago based Maxwell-Thomas has recently released his new, 10 song, album, ‘Daisuki Baby’. The album features the lead single, ‘Gaslighter’ and 9 other alternative rock tracks and sees Maxwell-Thomas join forces with drummer James Mozina.

‘Black’ opens the album, putting Maxwell-Thomas’ emotive song-writing under the spotlight. It blends his alternative rock influences with stunning pop melodies to really showcase how talented both Maxwell-Thomas and James Mozina are, a perfect introduction that leaves listeners wanting to know more.

‘Gaslighter’ was Daisuki Baby’s lead single, and upon listening to it it’s clear to see why. The track sees Maxwell-Thomas and James Mozina go from strength to strength, a perfect blend of confident pop melodies and indie rock which really sees Maxwell-Thomas excel aurally. James Mozina’s drum work is extremely impressive here too, almost feeling as if it is the glue that holds the song together.

Then follows ‘Blue’, which holds catchy instrumentation that makes you want to groove, this one has a stunning guitar riff that would sound massive played live. ‘Blue’ allows us to become more familiar with those alternative rock influences that we were introduced to earlier, seeing Maxwell-Thomas expand his sound further.

Daisuki Baby is also captivating in places, ‘Goodbye, Goodnight’ is a perfect example of that, a chilling, gloomy track which makes room for the emotions to surface. It builds and grows, lead by a brooding guitar riff and succinct drums that create a moving piece, morphing into a huge crescendo which sounds fit for a movie soundtrack.

There are some impeccable tracks on this album, ‘Closer’ being another one of them. James Mozina’s drumming here is excellent, providing a strong backbone to the track. The drum work here is absolutely going to ignite a crowd whilst cradling the emotional, tender lyrics sang by Maxwell-Thomas, building an anthemic ballad. ‘Scattered’ is another example, allowing Maxwell-Thomas to display his ‘punk rock’ side as he ventures into grunge. This track holds passionate vocals, taking the listener in and holding them tightly in Maxwell-Thomas’ grip.

Overall, Daisuki Baby is a diverse collection of tracks that showcase both Maxwell-Thomas and James Mozina’s talents, pushing their vibrant and curious musicianship to the forefront. Whilst listening, it becomes evident that the album is to be enjoyed as it is, all songs flow together well. This album is worth a listen, honing home that Maxwell-Thomas and James Mozina are masters at their craft, yet still giving them room to grow.