MCRAE – Lucy

A sugary dose of indie-pop goodness from MCRAE with their latest release ‘Lucy’.

Hailing from small mill towns across Lancashire and Yorkshire, the Manchester-based four-piece shun that cookie-cutter swaggering indie-boy image – instead going for a much brighter jangle guitar-pop approach. Following up from previous singles ‘Postapocalipstick’ and ‘Show Me’, ‘Lucy’ is the first track to be released from their forthcoming EP – and perhaps their poppiest tune so far.

Described by the band as “the age-old tale of boy meets mythical creature in a bar whilst tripping” – ‘Lucy’ represents the “girl of all girl-next-doors” who turns all the heads, yet remains an enigma. And probably isn’t quite what you thought in your drunken haze.

It’s upbeat and peppy with reverb-soaked bass and shimmering guitars producing an almost angelic synthy sound. Frontman Jake Mcrae’s fast-paced and demanding vocal delivery tells us the tale of trying to get her attention, doubting his chances and wondering if she’s even called Lucy anyway..
“Lucy only likes boys who are breaking their backs for her” 

Whilst definitely different from their earlier more punk-inspired work, with ‘Lucy’ MCRAE provide a sticky-sweet earworm of a song guaranteed to secure a spot on many an indie playlist (including mine).
If you like The 1975 and Larkins – you’ll love this.