MEEK – Just Getting Started

After bringing in two extra members during the 2020 Covid Lockdown, MEEK have clearly added some extra feathers to their caps.

Self described as a “fun indie rock and pop band”, they certainly fit the description very well. With a bopping rock track, backed up by a bumping synth track that’s forever echoing and reverberating in the background. 

The lyrics draw a lot of symbolism from the fairy tale of Cinderella, drawing on themes of getting home before midnight, having one last hurrah before taking their life back and turning things around completely for the better. 

The story lends itself well to the themes of the song, with the ball being represented by the party and the happy ending fitting nicely with the songs main line. “Taking my life back, and I’m just getting started”. 

Coupled with the fast drum beats, indie rock flavoured guitars, and the more pop themed synth track, and it makes for quite the upbeat party track. It’s a unique song and draws from a variety of different places, with hints of some country, new wave and psychedelic rock littered in. 

The vocal performance is also a standout, with MEEK’s front woman delivering a performance that sounds like she’s having the time of her life. It really sets off the feel good aspects and fits the song like a well worn glove. 

It’s a positive track filled with good vibes, and has shown that MEEK have only strengthened, despite the turmoil the world has gone through recently. And those good vibes are exactly what’s needed by some at this point. 

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