Megan Linford – Isolation Tapes

Snapshotting her year and illustrating it within music, Megan Linford’s latest release is truly a blessing in disguise. An independent, DIY artist whose recent project is a collection of home recorded and self-produced songs, ‘Isolation Tapes‘ is a release that everyone on the planet will surely relate to in someway. Armed with a soulful folk voice, Megan’s vibrato is sent from the heavens and could easily challenge some of the great vocalists out there at the moment.

Blessings” carries listeners along while holding their hand. A track that tells the story of appreciating the little things and the people around you, Megan’s soothing single tells listeners of how grateful she is to have you here listening. and on her journey. Second track “Only You” is armed with a simple yet effective arrangement that draws you in further with each listen.

Makes My Day” is an intense acoustic number that paths the way for another great single for Megan. A strong asset to the folk world, this authentic songwriter oozes with talent. “Hold On” showcases another string to Megan’s bow, piano playing. While the first four tracks were written performed and recorded by Megan in her bedroom, last single ‘Leaving Town‘ features additional parts from musicians Matthew Harrison and Mel Maloney.

Megan Linford is a strong singer-songwriter who’s music is definitely a shoulder to cry on. A comforting release that creates shelter within the world’s current storm.