MELÓ – Castle

There’s something about Castle that comes across as avant-garde. From it’s a hypnotic vibe to the charismatic vocals, MELÓ’s latest single ‘Castle‘ has its head in the clouds while looking down up the world. This Hungarian-Canadian singer-songwriter may be young but seems to have everything planned for a bright future ahead. Worthy of it’s own throne, ‘Castle’ is an alternative pop track that focuses on mental illness.

Entering with a chillwave production and haunting laughter, the introduction comes across as slightly sinister, before venturing into safety. Using music as a sort of safety net and a form of escapism, ‘Castle’ escapes the world’s toxicity and creates, what feels like, a new reality for people across the globe.

Creating a balance between a world of sorrow and happiness, the track evolves with a bittersweet contrast destined to leave you rethinking things through. A comfortable yet thought-provoking number that’s meant to leave you feeling comfortable from it’s relatability, ‘Castle‘ balances between sad and happy.

Instrumentally, the track doesn’t dynamically shift anywhere beyond it’s genre, but does use memorable rhythms that will bury themselves into your mind. As for MELÓ’s vocals, MELÓ’s voice is the reason we’re all here after all. Entirely unique and armed with note-perfect harmonies, ‘Castle’ escapes from the world’s currently ‘normality’ with it’s head held high, while looking back on the rubble.