Memphis Stone And The Elevators – Summer

An ode to festivals is the theme of the new Memphis Stone And The Elevators track, Summer. From the opening moments you’re taken back to better times with sunny vibes and it’s a track we need right now.

The track has been released in association with Make It Blue which is a mental health charity with a particular focus on the live music industry. All proceeds from sales and streams will go to the organisation.

Summer is an anthemic piece perfect for live settings with vibrant vocal overlays in the chorus and uplifting chords and drumbeats to match. The track has all the makings of a pure band ensemble and sounds like it has been taken from Manic Street Preacher’s Send Away The Tigers.

It’s an alt-rock with a splashing of pop and is very accessible. Even though Summer clocks in at 3:41, it feels like it’s over in no time as you’re absorbed into the eccentric vocal harmonies and continuous onslaught on instrumentation. It doesn’t give up from start to finish.

From the cool ‘oooh-ooohs’ in the intro you’re hit with the explosion of noise that sends shivers down your spine with the sense of here’s a huge rock song coming my way. The messages are strong with music washing our cares away and catching the sun before it’s gone. It’s the perfect setting for festival vibes and that moment in August of not wanting September to roll around and keep enjoying live music with good weather and good people.

It’s worth a click for charitable reasons alone, but furthermore it’s one of the best alt rock songs I’ve heard in 2021.