Menna – Drowning

Welsh singer-songwriter Menna Collins presents a powerful first single this month. Track ‘Drowning‘ is full to the brim with emotion and there’s no escape from the waves as they hit you from all sides.

Originally hailing from Carmarthen, the 22-year-old now calls Manchester home while studying at the Royal Northern College of Music. And despite this song being Menna’s debut offering – it showcases a talent that is both mature and polished.

Drowning‘ is about struggle. It’s a deeply personal reflection, while also being a desperate plea for help. With a slow and steady start – we’re guided through the swirling thoughts and fears of the artist..

Feeling lost / Feeling afraid / Feeling tired of this wait..”

A trail of thought many of us can relate to and one we might wrestle to keep to ourselves. But each line creeps towards the brink of the chorus and a cry for help from those closest.

Why are you my friend? / I need you to pull me up again / ’cause I am drowning / I am drowning”

Both lyrically and musically, Menna bares her soul. There’s a flow to the piece – jarred only by a frequent sharp guitar lick – which perhaps illustrates the conflict of emotions throughout. It’s synthy and it’s dreamy – in fact, the words ‘ethereal’ and even ‘otherworldly’ could spring to mind – but the vocals really pull us back to Earth. Some true powerhouse vocals. The gradual build to a crashing crescendo is a stunning display akin to vocalists such as Florence Welch.

In ‘Drowning‘, Menna let’s us into her world for a few minutes. I hope we’re invited back soon.