Mercy Kelly – Anymore

From acoustic beginnings to stadium-sized melodies – promising Manc band Mercy Kelly make a statement with new wave debut track ‘Anymore’. 

Originally formed as a songwriting project between frontman Jack Marland and lead guitarist Adam Bridge – they soon became a 4-piece in late 2019 after recruiting drummer Michael Shenton and Joel Buckley on bass. Sitting on an album’s worth of music already – the latter part of last year was spent at Manchester’s Vibe Studios laying down tracks with producer Dean Glover – of which ‘Anymore’ is the first to be released. 

Like an 80s-genre melting pot – taking the psychedelic spiralling guitars of dreamy jangle indie-pop (think The Chameleons, early REM, The Smiths perhaps),   the offbeat darker lyrical content of gothic rock, post-punk and new wave (The Cure, Tears For Fears) then blending that with the classic reverbed beat-heavy drums and chorus wave sound so synonymous with the decade.

There’s an interesting contrast between such a brightly evocative guitar sound and the contemplative, murky musings of the lyrics. Carried by a moody thumping bassline – it’s a story of resentment and rotten romance. Marland tells of the heartbreak of trying to move on from a toxic lover..
“You don’t care / You’re not there / Anymore”
Words laced with bitterness – the vocals are edgy indie-rock while also giving that echoey new wave quality.

With a clear appreciation for the era and its genres – ‘Anymore’ truly hits the mark. In fact, it really wouldn’t be out of place on rotation back when MTV still played music. But rather than imitation, it feels more like reinvention. There’s a real talent to this young band – in the poetic lyricism, in the anthemic sound destined for a much bigger stage. Mercy Kelly bring a new romantic charm all of their own.