Merrym’n – Statue Of Josiah

The sounds of the 60’s are felt in this warm rock ‘n roll track by Stoke-on-Trent’s Merrym’n.

The one-man-band captures a classic sound with delightful harmonies and twanging guitars in their latest single Statue Of Josiah.

The lyrics in Statue Of Josiah are clever and historical, as references are made to their hometown, pottery, Josiah Wedgewood, and his work. His abolitionism campaigns are compared to modern-day issues, and play-on-words such as ‘stoke the flames’ relate to Wedgewood’s pottery work and the town itself.

A comical line says how the band couldn’t tell you the street but can tell you where the monument is. I’m sure we can all relate to using statues or buildings to give a sense of direction in our hometowns.

The track captures a vintage sound and themes of everyday Britain and has flavourings of acts such as The Kinks and Donovan. The soft, but rhythmic drumming and confidently strummed acoustic guitars showcase the simplicity in music and how effective it can be. It’s a nice return to a sound that will be pleasing to ears of all ages.

The easy-going rock music, paired with in-depth and accented themes of local areas is a moment lost in time and would be a welcome return to British pop/rock music.

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