METHODS EP anything is an incredible blend of genres, taking inspiration from the wave of electronic influence that has seeped its way into so many genres of music in recent years. This mixture is distilled with post-punk to make a magnificent and oddly compelling coupling. 

After a short ambient intro, that is very atypical of electronic music with its mood setting style and simplistic minimalism, we’re funnelled straight into the lead single Back Of Your Hand. 

After the thumping and ticking space age stylishness of the intro, staring down the barrel of the lead single with its blaring synth, thumping drums and powerful guitars is quite the experience. The track revels in its influences as both the post-punk guitar and drums seem to beat gleefully alongside the clean and crisp synth notes echoing all around. There is a much stronger electronic influence here than the rock genre roots, favouring to have the traditional stylings of guitars take a back seat to the space age synth-pop feel. This provides a nice contrast over a lot of bands who’ve blended similar styles, only to have the electro be pushed to a backing sound. 

Collector is the second proper track, starting with powerful and distorted piano keys combined with a stellar vocal performance. The vocal performance and lyrical content paint an excellent picture of homelessness in the UK. As the track progresses onwards there’s an incredible build-up of instruments, wherein the tempo gains a fast pace vs its slow start. This wonderful build-up gives the track this much grander feel and even makes it feel like a six-minute epic rather than its fairly standard three-minute runtime. The standout section is in place of the traditional guitar solo, having fast-firing synth notes followed by a funky bass solo. 

As Collector fades out, the intermission seeps in. With some orchestral strings and faint chimes fading in and out gently it acts more as an extended outro to Collector. There’s not much to discuss as it acts as a bridge between the surrounding tracks, though it is a very haunting ambient track in itself. 

No Cover is a surprising addition with its upbeat and positive feeling contrasting the melancholy Collector and the ghostly intermission. The high flying string notes that add on top of yet another solid bass beat make for an uplifting sound that’s much more in line with Back Of Your Hand. Despite its positive musical style the lyrics continue to employ darker subject matters of the modern day such as domestic abuse and homelessness, making for a very interesting contrast and a good break from the traditional love song.

The closing track, Human Existence is probably the most beautiful and poignant track of all. With its lyrics exploring a topic greater than any modern day issue, exploring the origin of people as a whole and asking the difference between love and hate. Due to the musical content never rising to an overindulgent crescendo, it makes for a far more impactful message with everything fading out and then rising once more into a brief and simple end to tie the track together. 

ANYTHING, as an EP on the surface level may look like a feel good blend of electro and rock, but when you dig a little deeper you’re met with a dark but ultimately hopeful look at humans as a species.