Miami Snøw – Electric Charge

Easily one of the best projects that have emerged from the ashes of lockdown, Miami Snøw could quickly become your new favourite indie-pop collective. Based in Brighton, UK, this two-piece specialise in synth-pop music with a distinctive image thrown in for good measure. Released the first week of May, ‘Electric Change is built upon catchy melodies and dynamic instrumentation.

Telling the story of a break up and how it can truly feel like a piece of you has died with the relationship, this relatable number can speak wonders to thousands across the globe. Many relationships have ended due to the pandemic and distance being a huge factor of this, and Miami Snow really hit the nail on the head with the tracks symbolising.

Giving empathy to listeners who feel in the same boat, this track doesn’t feel predictable yet is somewhat repetitive in its instrumentation. Building upon a simple chord progression that doesn’t dynamically shift anywhere advanced, it’s the vocals that highlight the track’s true importance.

Mixing emo with synth-pop, the debut release from Miami Snøw showcases their glistening, vibrant personality. Refusing to be fully labelled or stereotyped, this enchanting debut finds its place in the industry with ease, yet comes across slightly as an outcast. That’s never a bad thing of course and states that ‘Electric Change’ is more like a one of a kind track.