Michael Antony – No Relax

Emerging electronic pop Michael Antony could easily be the next pop icon. Making a strong statement that this is the industry he’s meant to be in, ‘No Relax is his debut single – and it showcases this songwriter has an ear for good music.

With new music on the horizon later this year, ‘No Relax’ is a strong first impression into the world of Michael Antony. Fierce and armed with sass, the track explores the current world we’re leaving in. Detailing the world’s current relentless life, there simply is no relaxing anymore and this somber theme needs to be changed.

Hitting the nail firmly on the head, and singing about things we’re all thinking about, ‘No Relax’features a glistening arrangement that comes across as elegant and glamourous. Filled with attitude to be heard from every radio station in the world, ‘No Relax’ declares itself as powerful and rebellious.

Refusing to be anything but himself, that’s what makes Michael stand out from the crowd. Eccentric and writing music from a personal point of view, Michael’s vocals are engaging and will never be left in the shadows.

Standing up for what he believes in, this track already feels like a classic.