Michelle Limanjae releases her new single – Hey Dear, Heidi

The first single written, composer and produced by Michelle Limanjae all by herself, ‘Hey Dear, Heidi‘ feels like a strong debut that will go down in the songwriter’s history. Based in Melbourne and from Indonesia, this songwriter uses music as a form of self-expression.

Stating that she’s stepped out of her comfort zone with her debut release, Michelle’s new single details the importance of conquering fears and being true to your guns.

Hoping to leave listeners able to forget their worries for a few minutes and change their perspective, the reassuring new single is based around an easy-listening chord progression that may come across as simple but it’s certainly straightforward and to the point. Residing in a glistening indie-rock soundscape that reminisces artists such as Beabadoobee and Eliza Shaddad, the track also nudges pop-punk sensibilities.

Wrapped up in a hook-heavy arrangement, ‘Hey Dear, Heidi‘ is a soulful single that feels forever youthful.

The only thing that feels like could have been improved is the production of the vocals is sometimes hard to hear the lyrics. Very hazy and spacious, the vocals get lost in the mix at times. Saying that, the overall execution is energetic and everything you need from a debut.

Passionate anthem with a strong head on its shoulders.