Michy Tree – The Wire

London based alternative artist Michy Tree returns with the stylish new offering, The Wire’. Drawing inspiration from the likes of The 1975, Halsey and Paramore, Michy could certainly be in the same category as her influences in a matter of months.

Receiving praise from Spotify editorial playlists and BBC Berkshire, Michy’s latest single was recorded from the comfort of the songwriter’s bedroom. Co-produced with Max Smith, The Wire’ is prominently based around an alternative rock soundscape with a grit filled production.

In places, ‘The Wire’ feels like it’s trying to stay safe and could have been improved by creating a more adventurous arrangement. The dynamics stay the same throughout and don’t create any sort of hard-hitting structure. Saying that,

Michy’s vocals instantly capture your attention from the very first note. Telling the story of how the media lie to us and how we have all these expectations of ourselves because of these lies, ‘The Wire’ is as real as it gets. Detailing to always stay true to your guns and never follow the rulebook, the brand new single is a vital asset to Michy’s transcending discography.