Midnight Chic – Lost Cause

Taking a less than discrete approach to a retro influence of soft glam-rock, Geordie rockers Midnight Chic release their debut single ‘Lost Cause’.

Enlightening us to the background of their debut release, Midnight Chic tells us, “(it’s) about what I would like to accomplish with the band and where I want to develop our music. It’s my self-determination of wanting to achieve what I have been working hard on for over the last 4 years.”.

Though the strong sense of determination is inherently responsible behind the band’s first release, a strong sense of personality sadly feels missing. If, however, the vibe Midnight Chic were attempting to emanate was your dad jamming alongside his mates in the garage after a few beers, then they’ve got it spot on. Both rhythmically and structurally, it feels far too familiar to pack any sort of punch to really prick your ears by offering itself as something that hasn’t already been explored by every other band in the country.

I understand, of course, that not every debut single will be completely ground-breaking or even hold much significance for bands further down the line in their careers, however it’s always going to be worth at least trying to paint yourself as something a little more exciting than a bunch of middle-aged dudes chasing their youth after a long day at the office. Taking influence from any genre is undoubtedly a concrete part of composition, but there needs to be a definitive line between influence and just writing a standard soft-rock song.

You’d have already guessed the track follows a 4/4-time signature, safe major chords, slightly overdriven, twangy guitar chords, standard rock beats with decent fills, and vocals that can just about follow the tune but can be heard straining here and there. As always the case, the basic track is performed perfectly well by the band, but falls victim to being yet another blueprint composition in a music scene full of genericism.