Midnight Filter – Marionette

A positive to come out of the first UK lockdown, ‘Marionette‘ is the ambitious new single from alternative rock out, Midnight Filter. Not afraid to be limited to one avenue, ‘Marionette’ is like a rebellious teenager that doesn’t want to be like anyone else. Thinking for itself and bathed in an uncontrollable arrangement that makes it come across as experimental in places.

Their first release in two years, ‘Marionette’ showcases how far the duo have progressed since their last release, ‘Mechanism’. Inspired by today’s social impacts, ‘Marionette’ is about the abuse of power in the modern age, and was inspired by many events that took place at the time of the writing process. Mainly influenced by the black lives matter movement, ‘Marionette’ speaks about not being in control and standing up for what you think.

Feeling like a protest song in places due to its impactful message, ‘Marionette‘ aims to push people to never give up on their beliefs. Hoping to help others recognise the abuse of power that we’ve all encountered while in the COVID-19 pandemic, Midnight Filter feels like they could take on bands such as Rage Against the Machine with this track, but without the punk sounding music.

Musically, the track features alternative rock sensibilities with a mix of lo-fi in the mix. As for the female vocals that serenade the backing of the track, this track has the whole package.