Mike Kelly – Change

Solo artist Mike Kelly returns with his seventh single of the year ‘Change‘. Mike Kelly before going solo was in a band who supported the likes of The Lumineers, Lifehouse and Guster.

After experiencing sad loss from the death of his twin brother, the band split and Mike took a well-needed break from music but kept writing. Returning as a solo artist, ‘Change’ is the second track recorded during quarantine from Mike. With most of his songs being inspired from losing his twin brother, Mike Kelly is a personal songwriter that uses expression in it’s finest form.

Balancing the familiar and change, the new single from Mike Kelly is an uplifting pop rock number that illustrates this feeling perfectly. Rhythmically, the number jives into tomorrow with a funk inspired groove. Taking trauma and turning it on it’s head into a beautiful track, ‘Change‘ highlights how you can write deep lyrics, and still have an uplifting sound.

A wondrous new single from Mike Kelly that breathes comfort and condolence, be the ‘Change‘ and listen to Mike Kelly’s inspiring music.