Mike Nisbet – Red Hot New York

Mike Nisbet’s latest release is the first single from his upcoming album ‘I Was A Great Lake, Once’. Titled ‘Red Hot New York’, the track soars through themes of romance and showcases a songwriter with layers of potential. Creating his most honest work yet, the folk inspired monologue is fused with personal lyricism and country-styled instrumentation.

Recorded in his London flat during lockdown, ‘Red Hot New York’ has had many shapes since it’s inspiration took place. Whereas the arrangement is formed round an uplifting structure, the romantic number isn’t all that it seems. 

‘Red Hot New York’ could be described as a rollercoaster through themes of love and even disaster. With the power to interpret it in may different ways, the exceptional track is simply a story waiting for your ears to fit warmly round it.

Featuring wife Norma on the track, the number has a homely feel to it’s aura and comes across as comforting within the world’s current gloom. 

Dynamically, the song doesn’t build and venture into an experimental unknown, but that’s exactly what Mike wanted from the track. A track that sticks to its folk infused genre, ‘Red Hot New York’ is a delightful insight into Mike Nisbet’s songwriting.