Millicent – ConversationConservation

Sharing an honest and open perspective on mental health, Preston-based dream-pop artist Millicent shares her latest single, ‘ConversationConservation’.

After an appearance on the voice in 2017, Millicent has undergone an artist rebrand forming the Millicent we know today. Not only does she offer her own personal story in the track, but she is also donating the money generated from ‘ConversationConservation’ between numerous mental health charities.

Panned, fleeting vocals create an endearing outline to ‘ConversationConservation’. Addressing herself from an outside perspective, the lyrics illuminate, “Never a word said wrong, you hardly convey emotion baby where have you gone? ‘Cause we could still get along, it’s mind over matter we’re all climbing ladders to get to the top”. The rhythm of the vocals are interesting here- the first line we hear feels very airy and light, whereas the proceeding line follows a slowed trap-style triplet rhythm. The contrast between the two not only increases the attentiveness of the listener but creates a slightly ‘uncanny valley’ feel around it, encapsulating the uneasy nature of suffering with anxiety.

Again, contributing to the conflicting nature of the music, a heavy, trudgey bass line is apparent throughout the track. With the darkness of the bass lurking underneath the hazy, dream-like instrumentation, the turmoil experienced from anxiety is personified undeniably beautifully. Despite the calm nature on top of the music, a completely different emotion is experienced beneath it, showing that although we may appear composed, there is no telling what we’re facing behind that exterior.

ConversationConservation’ not only fronts a delicate subject but offers a reassuring hand in knowing we are not alone when it comes to our mental health. The track shows cunning aspects of composition whilst achieving a stunning sound completely unique to Millicent. It’s always a treat to hear something a little outside the box that still fronts a passionate subject and still sounds utterly and purely incredible.

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