Minds Idle : All This Time

Sheffield five-piece Minds Idle’s debut single ‘All This Time’ sees the band combine the warm glow of nostalgia for legendary music with their own youthful energy and joy, making for a sound that’s both familiar and modern.

All This Time’ is ambitious for a young band’s first release, and it’s clear these lads have been honing their sound for some time. They skate through various tempo changes with professional ease, whilst still keeping that homemade quality with the rawness of the vocals and some spots of endearingly dodgy guitar work.

The track has this strong feeling of sentimentality, but it’s not out of place in 2019’s indie pop landscape, with the jangly guitar tone and bright, glittery synths representing two of the most current sonic trends.

Minds Idle are onto a winner with this sound they’ve crafted; the way it makes you feel is a testament to that. It’s like a big hug from an old mate you haven’t seen in years. Get ‘All This Time’ on your road trip playlist as soon as you can.