MISA – Hymn : Part 1 and 2

MISA is getting ready to premiere the latest single or rather singles, from the much-anticipated release of her debut album this summer. Hymn: part 1 & 2. Both with the same down tempo vibe but with the difference being the voices heard throughout the songs. Part one brings us the one singing voice.

Misa describes this as being the world being simultaneously in sync, using one voice, With us all experiencing the same thing at the same time within the current Covid-19 pandemic. MISA real name Lamice, wanted to write a postcard to the world. “Here we are – just us – as one”. One voice singing, marking the synchronised experience of everyone at the same time. With examples of the moon landing being a moment of such unity. When the whole world watches.

Part 2 brings us a truer perspective of the world today. In which many voices all singing the same lyrics but being slightly out of harmony. Giving a voice to all inhabitants. She describes the lag as the different time zones and distances between people. Trying to be as one but marred by obstacles that make the lyrics slightly out of the synchronised essence of part 1. The only time they becoming one is during the climax of “Just run” where all voices are united to sing the one thing that none of us can do.

Misa has been making music since childhood, after receiving a Pink Floyd album from her father at the age of 15. She explains that moment changed her life. Citing Pink Floyd as one of her biggest influences. She knew she then that she wanted to move to London to make music, Finding she can express her self best when writing songs.

Misa’s downtempo, trip hop style makes it hard to genrefy to any one thing specifically. Rather she uses traits from a multitude of genres to creates a uniqueness that defies specification in my mind.
The style reminds me of the hypnosis apps. The kind of music that helps to unwind your busy mind into a calm and balanced headspace in order to relax and chill out.

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