Modern Welfare – Death of Me

Death of Me’ is the latest single from the USA based hard-rock band, Modern welfare. With each of the four members coming from different places all around the world, it’s safe to say the band’s musical background carries a diverse and unique combination. But when all their individual talents are then blended, you are left with a sensational release. And believe me, it’s good.

With an opening that is fixated on the gradual trickle of an electric guitar, you know straight away this song is about to take off. Menacing in its tone, you are soon left stunned by the sudden juggernaut of electronic energy that is fired through the rhythm. Loud and piercing, it most certainly catches you off guard.

After one quick and fearful breath, you are instantly brought back to the track, which is now hounded with a penetrating baseline. Smothered thick in grunge-esque guitar strikes, you can almost feel the notes rippling through your skin. Likewise, the crashing thuds of the percussion dominate the rhythm of the track, causing a pandemonium of explosive rock-star impassioned ardour.

Despite the single being a fire-fueled ball of sonic electricity, the lyrics however carry a much deeper meaning. Touching on themes such as mental health and substance abuse, there is an uproar of raw emotion poured out through each guttural blare. And, with vocals that are strongly redolent to those of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, you can’t help but feel an emotional attachment to the powerful lyricism demonstrated throughout this release.

Death of Me’ is a strong reminder that hard-rock still has a rightful place in the music industry today. And with bands such as Modernwelfare pioneering this incredible genre, I have no doubt that it won’t be long till we are hearing more from this incredible four-piece.