Monolith: Fight/Flight

If you are looking for something different, that’s kind of in the world of metal, this is going to be for you. 

Monolith is a ‘one man multi-instrumentalist’ from Manchester and Fight/Flight is the new, six track E.P. release.

Describing the music is actually quite difficult and it really is something that you need to go listen to yourself to appreciate why. Nathan Hughes, is the ‘one man’ and he describes the music as ‘drawing on elements from multiple genres across the metal spectrum, infusing electronic elements’, he aims to wrap it all up in one big progressive listening experience.

The first track, In Fields, opens up like a relaxation CD or something from a health spa, it moves onto an 80’s style synth part, then in come the electronic drums, followed quickly by therock guitars. My point here is that is an eclectic mix of elements,at which your musical instincts scream ‘what the hell,’ but I genuinely feel that once your ear is attuned to the fact that it is hearing something a little different, it works.

Astral Odyssey is the next track and has a mix of blast beats, bell type synth parts and jazz reminiscent arrangements. But still I couldn’t help but want to hear more.

The production value lets the whole thing down somewhat. The tracks are quite dull in some listening environments.

Nathan is certainly highly talented and I see a bright future for Monolith