Montrell – Simpler In The Dark

The perfect tune to stick on while sitting in darkness to get your thoughts together after seeing another update on the Pandemic, Montrell’s latest single ‘Simpler In The Dark‘ is an indie rock anthem that requires your full attention. Produced by Flyte drummer Jon Supran and recorded at Angel Studios, this is the second single to be taken off an upcoming EP.

Having written the track about four years ago as a solo artist, the track has blossomed into a band arrangement fit for a king. With the track’s message slightly different to what you’d usually hear, and not relatable at all, the track details the desire to sleep with other people when you’re in a relationship. Although it wasn’t written with any intentions, the desirable track begins with a stripped back structure before blossoming into a powerful, heartfelt arrangement.

Musically, the track rolls off the tongue. Easy-listening and something to stick on when times are hard to comfort those blues away, ‘Simpler In The Dark’ lets listeners in, comforts them and holds them tightly. Another strong track from a band that are continuously growing with each release.