Mookie +The Bab – Ghosts Of You

This week sees Bradford’s Mookie + The Bab release the live video for their new single, ‘Ghost Of You’. Mookie + The Bab are an alt-folk, 4-piece band, who combine stunning vocal harmonies with elements of percussion, guitars, and the occasional trumpet.

‘Ghost Of You’ is a stripped back number, seeing Mookie + The Bab experiment with just the barebones of instrumentation, using the bass, acoustic guitar, the trumpet and the drums whilst pushing out gorgeous vocal tones with rich, layered harmonies. The single is a live recording, recorded down inside old Victorian tunnels in Bradford. Mookie + The Bab planned on heading to the studio, yet the pandemic put a halt on that, so the band are excitedly releasing these live sessions.

The music video, released this week, was recorded inside the Gin Bar, in Bradford, where the band are from. The setting of the video truly helps to bring the track to life, the autumnal feel curated by the lighting adds to the comfort and the warmth that fans find in vocalists Abi and Marc’s voices.

Before the pandemic and lockdown, Mookie + The Bab were hard at work, locked away in rehearsal rooms together, preparing for their first live show by exploring different song arrangements and instrumentation. The band have recently been playing a ‘COVID tour’, where they have been travelling to various campsites across the UK, playing sets in order to create some sense of normality.

Mookie + The Bab offer something completely unique, and ultimately exciting. They welcome listeners into their world, creating picturesque imagery that would be hard to find elsewhere. In their other tracks, the band draw on the downfall of the world, commenting on important topics such as climate change and disasters such as fires, floods, droughts and deforestation.

‘Ghost Of You’is a funky toe tapper, which will see fans fall deeper in love with Mookie + The Bab, emotional and expressive vocals merge flawlessly with melodious harmonies which are then further bought to life by the Gin Bar setting. The music video puts Mookie + The Bab’s gorgeous musicianship out on display.