More In Luv – Someone Else

With how saturated both mainstream pop and alt music is with its 80’s inspiration, it can be hard to find something that feels genuine rather than manufactured. 

The amount of artists going back to the well of the golden age of pop may leave some feeling a little desperate for something that packs a punch. But rather than rolling over and putting out a drum machine lead song with lots of manufactured sound, More In Luv instead takes a more genuine approach.

With music that’s much closer to the sounds of classic bands, if with some modern sensibilities brought into the fold, More In Luv’s ‘Someone Else’ feels as though it’s got a more traditional layout. 

Using a band style layout with guitar, bass, drums, and a keyboard to flesh out the song gives it that feel. There’s a crisp and well rounded feeling that shines through, with it’s catchy hook and ear worm of a chorus. Someone Else is filled with these joyful moments that really sell the fact that there’s a heart and soul behind More In Luv. 

It’s a sign of great things to come as More In Luv continue to branch out with a strong catalogue of songs that’s ever growing. It really does come as this breath of fresh air compared to the overly saturated pop songs, that have almost gone too far with their recapturing of 80’s decadence and style. It’s something that feels as though it’s back to basics, but in that sense, it’s absolutely the correct choice so as not to get lost amongst the hustle and bustle. 

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