Morrissey has a patchy history in Liverpool after his 2009 gig ended in controversy after an over zealous fan threw a drink at him, resulting in the singer leaving the stage and not returning. This evening saw the former Smiths frontman return for a second sold out show at Liverpool’s Empire theatre.

The venue itself was a risky option due to there being no barrier as such and it was presented as a seated gig. Moz fans are not known for their placid demeanours and as soon as Mr Morrissey strolled on stage the gig was no longer seated. Fans leapt from their seats, with some attempting to jump onstage, much to the annoyance of Morrissey, who halted the track whilst security removed the fan swiftly.

That was the only drama of the evening, other than the melodramatic outpourings of Stretford’s most loveable rogue. Prior to his entrance, a recording of all of Morrissey’s pet hates was read out, a lengthy list lasting approximately ten minutes, ranging from Thatcher (loud cheers ensured) to Edwina Currie. Plenty of Tory bashing which may come as surprise considering the artist’s more recent outspoken views which have lost him fans as people have struggled to justify his opinions.

This evening however, there were plenty of fans. My Morrissey gigs are closing in on double figures and I can vouch for the kindness and friendliness of his fans at gigs. There was no negativity in the air this evening, just a large diverse group all eager to see their idol.

The setlist was strong, and his voice did not falter once. The tongue in cheek, angst ridden sarcasm was present throughout as he flailed around the stage sighing and eye-rolling his way through some of his finest work. I was delighted that he played my favourite Smiths song, and quite possible up there with one of my favourite songs of all time ‘Please Please Please, Let Me Get What I Want’. It almost makes you feel sorry for the man, shrouded in mystery, and despite all these adoring fans, he seems despondent. Perhaps this is just an act.

Other highlights this evening included Smiths favourites ‘Girlfriend in a Coma’ and ‘Frankly Mr Shankly’ the latter always raising a smile. Morrissey of course has a huge back catalogue of solo material. ‘First of the Gang to Die’ and ‘Suedehead’ drew large cheers from the audience.

Morrissey’s UK tour is drawing to a close with final performances next week in Aylesbury and Folkestone. Ticket availability for both is low so act fast if you wish to see what I can guarantee will be a tremendous evening’s entertainment. Click HERE for all things Moz.

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