Mortimer Jackson – Feel The Roar

There’s a slightly drugged up feel to Feel The Roar, whether it’s the droopy brass or a bass guitar that’s so deep that it almost flies under the radar. 

It’s a slightly unusual listen to say the least, as the opening gives a feeling of moving through treacle with its low and downbeat sound and pace. 

It’d be right at home in an early Guy Ritchie flick, given its low key nature that would fit into that comedic crime drama. 

Feel The Roar does come to life during the chorus, picking up its pace and adding a metaphorical shot of adrenaline to the mix. It picks the track up for a brief moment and gives the song a strong ebb and flow feel to it. It’s a welcome addition as well, injecting life into something that would sadly sound like it was on tranquillisers without it. 

It’s got a very reggae and ska feel one second, and will instantly transform into an alt-rock anthem out of nowhere. There’s an unusual sound here that Mortimer Jackson has going, and it’s one that likely pulls from a whole host of inspirations to then feed into this chimera of a track. 

The lyrical content fits the style well, with its description of two lonely people meeting at a bar. These characters feel as though they have drifted out of reality and need dragging back into it. 

Feel The Roar makes for a relaxing track to listen to, and carries with it a seldom seen style.