Sharing The Light” is Mosa’s latest single, an emotionally twisting journey led by rasping vocals and incredibly intelligent instrumentation. The track’s haunting introduction precedes the story about to told, a piano hook thats would make the likes of Tom Waits quiver. Through powerful lyrics Mosa creates a sense of melancholia and disillusion that drowns your ears in a sense of serenity especially paired with his gravelly vocals and stunning work on the keys.

“A love that leaves you cold, Winter will be my bride.” is the echoing sentiment before the track’s climax where the title of the track is sung in an almost chant “Sharing the Light“.

The percussion picks up and more instruments are layered to give the song a new breath, before once again stripping the song back to its’ most basic essence in the ending with just vocals and minimal instruments that allows you to fixate on Mosa’s words. It is exactly this sort of structuring and impressive musical ear that makes this song so unforgettable, the words match the music to create something special; dark but not depressing is a hard feat but “Sharing The Light” achieves this with ease.

Mosa’s influences are worn with pride and respect, and “Sharing The Light” could easily sit amongst tracks by Nick Cave or Tom Waits and not feel in the slightest bit out of place. This year is going to be a big one for Mosa if this track is anything to go by (which it most certainly is), I eagerly await to hear what is next.

Also on RGM ????