Moses – I Think You Worry Too Much

London based quartet Moses recently signed to These Bloody Thieves. After an exceptional few years for the band, they’re back with their uplifting take on living in the now.

Travelling back a few years, the band released their self title debut EP in 2016 via Crosstown Records, after the success of that, they’ve embarked on keeping their music alive with a new spark. Their journey to the new single has seen the band support artists such as Feeder, Ash and Frank Turner to name a few. With radio play all over national stations, they’re latest single “I Think You Worry Too Much” is worthy of a golden trophy.

Ambitious and lively, it’s a perfect release for the band to start their first headline tour. Indicating that life is simply too short to sit and worry, the positive message surrounds the pop based structure perfectly. With elements of stadium rock, the band are worthy for bigger venues. The track has a repetitive nature that is definitely memorable.”You worry too much” repeats itself at the end which definitely gets the message completely across, but feels like the easy option to take.

As an arrangement it’s fairly simple and doesn’t dynamically build, but it’s memorable and that’s all that matters. Music is the therapeutic process for Moses as well as many other songwriters in the world, but their message is simply to live in the present because after all, our worries won’t be there forever. Stream the loveable single now.