Mount Johnson – The Calm Will Come


Newcastle upon-Tyne based singer songwriter Matthew Johnson, the mind behind solo project Mount Johnson, releases powerful new single ‘The Calm Will Come’. A new adventure for the songwriter, Matthew has been involved in the North East music scene for 9 years, and has become a true asset to the world of indie rock.

Entering with a powerful vocal unlike any other, “The Calm Will Come” is a guitar driven single with a reverberated production best played loud. A near enough 5 minutes adventure through realms of alternative rock, the only downside to the track is it’s length. With a long introduction into the actual full arrangement, the number feels like it lacks in potential in it’s dynamic.

Saying that, the instrumentation on the actual release is exceptional. Matthew’s vocals power through, refusing to be left in the shadows. Prominently driven by guitars, the guitar tones are vibrant and glisten with resilience. The vocals are filtered around a consistent melody that’s looped throughout the track, making it somewhat repetitive, but still leaving fans wanting more.

For a track with a length maybe not suited for radio, it still holds your constant gaze. Which way will it go next?… You may wonder to yourself. Will it build in more tension in the chorus? … Who knows. The only way to fully grasp the overall track’s structure is to stick it on repeat, and quite simply, enjoy.

A strong debut pointing Matthew in the right direction, “The Calm Will Come” is adventurous but does play it safe here and there.