Mulholland Jive release their new single – Bad Moon Rising

Firstly, we can confirm this isn’t a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival track. Secondly, we can officially say that there must be something in the water of songs called ‘Bad Moon Rising’ that instantly makes them classics. Bringing you up to speed Mulholland Jive is an instrumental funk-rock project created by Irish musician Ben Mulholland.

Creating the perfect soundtrack to Halloween, this funk-infused contender even has elements of sinister moments.

An energetic slice of instrumental goodness, the track weaves through funk, art-rock and alternative rock like no other track you’d hear nowadays.

Featuring a lineup of session musicians hired by Ben, the track is executed perfectly and refuses to be pushed aside with the rest of the new music this week.

Exploding its way through a hazy production, ‘Bad Moon Rising‘ has definitely risen from the shadows with a strong character.

One thing that feels a bit stale about the release is that it feels like it’s trying to be as diverse as possible. It seems forced in places and tries to be something it’s not. Saying that, because of its versatility, it will certainly appeal to more people than one specific genre.

The sort of track that would fit perfectly on your Halloween playlist!